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Toronto Blogging Festival WORD11 Goes Green with Bio-Based Hand Sanitizer

Toronto, Ontario, August 24, 2011

WORD11, Toronto’s first 24-hour blogging festival, will feature eco-friendly, bio-based hand sanitizer from Medonyx, Inc., helping make the August 27, 2011 event as green and sustainable as it can be.

Toronto Blogging Festival WORD11 - TruFinancial
Toronto Blogging Festival WORD11

Medonyx’s gelFAST 2Go hand sanitizer will be provided to WORD11 attendees, who will use the sanitizer to keep clean during the all-day, all-night festival, which includes camping in the heart of the city. This is the latest in WORD11’s efforts to be a truly sustainable event.

“The clear bottle is recyclable, as is the clear cap, and there are no dyes or additives to the HDPE/LDPE plastics,” said Dana Manoliu, director of Medonyx, Inc., manufacturturer of gelFAST 2GO. “Our gel is also Bio-Based which makes our sanitizer more eco-friendly than other hand sanitizers. Bio-Based means the gel is made from substances derived from renewable biological resources, as opposed to most gels formulations, which use non-renewable substances, such as alcohol derived from petroleum products.”

Medonyx, Inc.’s sanitizer is widely being used in clinical environment, with all the effort to get their sanitizer greener, gelFAST 2GO still achieve 99.999% effective at killing microbes in a healthcare setting.

The inclusion of gelFAST 2GO hand sanitizer is courtesy of event sponsor TruFinancial Consultants.

“I have been thinking of what promotional item would be a perfect giveaway at WORD11 for quite a while now. After coming across gelFAST 2GO and learning how green the product is, I decided it fits the event entirely,” said Mimi Lee, Word11 committee member, sponsor of WORD11 and managing principal of TruFinancial Consultants.

This Saturday, August 27, 2011, WORD11 is bringing together bloggers of all backgrounds to learn from expert speakers and network all day and into the night by creating an outdoor campground within the city. Appealing to more than 37,000 bloggers across Toronto, it is a festival that truly celebrates blogging.

Prior to this announcement, WORD11 had partnered with eco-friendly organizations including community swapping site Swapsity, electric scooter company Green Choice Moto, and portable solar power providers Solarline and zero-emission lawn care company The Grasscutters.

“We are very excited to have all the support we are getting and that support is growing by day. As we entered the final week to the event, everything is falling in place quite nicely. Since 2009, I wanted to run a blogging festival, this initiative wouldn’t have been possible without the support of industry collaborators who have come together on common interest; the love for green – to ensure we provide a unique experience to all who attend.” says Tm Mahdi, Word11 committee member and director and founder of Cg6 Inc.

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For more information, contact:

Mimi Lee, managing principal

TruFinancial Consultants


Dana Manoliu, director

Medonyx, Inc.

416.633.6990 ext 225

David Hamilton, online media strategist


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