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Credit Management

Assist clients to rebuild their credit within a time span of 9 months to 2 years from R5 to R1

Financial Planning

Assist clients pay off debts (ranges from 12K to 35K) and save up down payments for first homes (ranges from 15K to 30K), build assets (40K to 100K).

Debt Management

Effectively assisted one of the clients paid off close to $75k debt, saved $15k down payment & built $25k investment portfolio in 3 years' time

Financial Strategies

Eliminated a client's tax due of close to 11K in 7 months' time, included the use of a 2-year term RRSP loan

Other achievements

  • QuickStart achievement at Clarica (Sun Life) in the first 3 months in insurance business

  • MDRT qualifier for 2 consecutive years, 2007 & 2008 

  • Associated with the top 1% of the world's life insurance and financial services professionals. 

  • Personal production in mutual sales alone over 2 million under 6 months’ time

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