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Company(ies) Mimi Lee / TruFinancial Consultants represents, including but not limited to


Individual Life Insurance

  • BMO Life

  • CPP

  • Desjardin Financial Securities

  • Empire Life

  • Equitable Life

  • Humania

  • Sun Life

  • Industrial Alliance

  • Manulife Financial

  • Assumption Life

  • RBC Life Insurance

  • SSQ

  • ivari

  • Blue Cross

  • La Capitale

  • Foresters Life


Relationship with Company(ies) we Represent


No insurance company holds an ownership interest in my business, nor do I hold an interest in any insurance company.




If you choose to purchase a product through me, I will be paid a sales commission by the company that provides the product you purchase.


I may receive a renewal (or service) commission if you keep that policy(ies) in force, or when you have your investments stay with me.


I may also be eligible for additional compensation, such as bonuses, or non-monetary benefits, such as travel incentives, depending on various factors such as the volume or persistency of business that I place with a particular company during a given time period.


Conflict of Interest


I take the potential of a conflict of interest seriously.  I will notify you if there is a conflict of interest of which I become aware in regards to my recommendations to you.  My overall recommendation will take into consideration, and will be based on my analysis of your financial security needs.

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