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About Us

TruFinancial Consultants is an Independent Financial Advisory (IFA) dedicated to provide independent and tailor-made financial advice and planning for you without the influence of large financial corporations.

Our Vision

Everyone, no matter individuals or corporations, should have equal opportunities to receive and easily accessible to professional financial planning and advice.

Our Mission

TruFinancial Consultants aims to provide financial services and advice to the public, assisting everyone to be financially fit in both short term and long term.

Our Philosophy

We believe:

  • Everyone should be treated equally

  • Your financial goals is as important as ours

  • Financial Services is for everyone, not only for millionaires

Our Experience

We are good at helping you to manage your finance in a healthy way, especially but not limited to:

  • Pay off debts

  • Save up down payments

  • Build assets

Work Team Meeting

The Team

The Team

Mimi Lee  CEA, EPC

Founder & Chief Financial Consultant

Mimi began her stint in the financial services world in mid-2003, as an outside-sales agent with Clarica (Sun Life), on the insurance side. A life-changing experience charted the course for her passion in the industry, and today, she holds her own practice under the name – TruFinancial Consultants. 
Mimi’s actual involvement in the industry, however, could be traced back to her work history in Hong Kong, as an editor for the financial newspaper Economic Times, and as a moderator with a stock forum at the time – This is where Mimi got her first taste of the investment world, and developed a knack for ‘blogging’ about hot topics related to the stock market, as she pursued every financial lead, hot off the press. Much of this passion can still be seen today, off her website at, where she uses Twitter daily to share her thoughts on the latest financial trends, and to keep her clients updated on hot topics in the investment world.

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