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TruFinancial Consultants selected as Ones To Watch in Credit Repairing Services 2019 - Canada

Markham, Ontario, January 21, 2019

Markham-based financial consulting firm TruFinancial Consultants announces today that it has been named “Ones To Watch in Credit Repairing Services 2019 - Canada” under the Global Business Insight Award by the Global Business Insight magazine in Birmingham, England.

TruFinancial Consultants selected as Ones To Watch in Credit Repairing Services 2019 - Canada - TruFinancial
TruFinancial Consultants selected as Ones To Watch in Credit Repairing Services 2019 - Canada

With a global PR Network, a vast social media reach and a dash of SEO expertise, Global Business Insight gathered information year-round via many digital channels. They then evaluated employing a transparent and dynamic framework to determine the award winners.

"As a financial advisor, I have seen many clients get in debt because of different reasons, not to mention Canada as a country, our citizens are loading up with DEBTs," commented Mimi Lee, managing principal of TruFinancial Consultants. "Over the years, we have been and continue to guide and help our clients to get out of debt and rebuild their credit. I am thrilled that someone out there realized our effort and recognized us."

"We will do our best to continue to help our fellow Canadians to get their credit fixed so that they will get the same treatment as everyone else out there, instead of being charged a premium when they go out and apply for credit in the future."

With the experience on credit repairing and rebuilding, Lee had written a blog post on credit rebuilding in hopes to remind people out there it is not easy to rebuild credit and, hopefully, warn others not to ruin their credit score. TruFinancial Consultants continues to provide support and guidance for clients, and the focus is to ensure clients have the means to maintain or improve their financial well-being.

Global Business Insight is a knowledge-sharing platform designed for and committed to sharing the latest business news, financial analyses and sector growths and developments from across the globe with its audience. By tracking global markets, investigating happenings in the finance and investment sectors and reporting on the latest mergers and acquisitions on a monthly basis, we are confident that we pave the way to the deepest level of understanding of not only the challenges that businesses around the globe face every day, but address how these challenges can be overcome and then discover the reasons how and why they differ from sector to sector

TruFinancial Consultants is a Markham based financial and health-care consulting firm that helps clients in budgeting, wealth creation, credit rebuild and risk management. Their clients are mostly small businesses and entrepreneurs, also small families. Should you need more information, please call Lee at 416-993-3442.

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For more information, contact:

Mimi Lee, managing principal

TruFinancial Consultants


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