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TruFinancial Consultants devotes to meet clients' healthcare needs

Markham, Ontario, December 17, 2015

Markham-based financial and healthcare consulting firm TruFinancial Consultants supports clients in their retirement years. The focus is to ensure clients have the means to maintain their financial well-being.

By making sure the funds for a living are there, seniors can now focus on: travelling, spending time with grandkids, volunteering at different organizations, opening up a new business, being more involved in their communities, further education, anything they want to do but didn't have time to do while they were working.

Many of TruFinancial Consultant's retired clients want to make sure they have enough funding to continue living their lifestyle and be able to financially help their children and/or grandchildren when needed, as well help support their favorite charities. TruFinancial Consultants has assisted many others in accomplishing this list of financial needs.

Mimi Lee, founder and managing principal of TruFinancial Consultants, armed with the Elder Planning Counselor (EPC) designation, has the knowledge to navigate the financial world, which allows her to work with clients on solutions that benefit them best and to maintain their standard of living. Over the years, Lee continues to explore new ways to ensure her clients care for the way they always want.

TruFinancial Consultants devotes to meet clients' healthcare needs - TruFinancial
TruFinancial Consultants devotes to meet clients' healthcare needs

Recently, Lee had written a blog, "Reminder on Re-contribution to Your RRIF," to ensure elder clients would not miss out on opportunities to their advantage.

EPC designation helps to understand that needs evolve from an individual's early wage-earning years and continue to change as time goes on, as well as gives Lee the knowledge to address proper solutions and strategies for seniors when priorities change.

TruFinancial Consultants is a Markham-based financial and healthcare consulting firm that helps clients in budgeting, wealth creation, credit rebuild and risk management. Their clients are mostly small businesses and entrepreneurs, also small families. Should you need more information, please call Lee at 416-993-3442.

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For more information, contact:

Mimi Lee, managing principal

TruFinancial Consultants


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