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Interview with Hugh Reilly

Markham, Ontario, March 15, 2014

Markham-based financial advising firm TruFinancial.

If you ever wonder why I am doing what I do, how did I get here & some interesting facts of Mimi Lee, here you are... LOL

Talked about @UWaterloo, @BombshelterPub at Liquid Lunch @thatchannel about my life, my career. Mar 4, 2014, Youtube link on @Hugh Reilly.

Interview with Hugh Reilly - TruFinancial
Interview with Hugh Reilly

ThatChannel Studios had been in Toronto for ten years. Hugh Reilly's “Liquid Lunch” internet television show have been offering media opportunities for entrepreneurs, independent leaders, permaculture experts, artists, musicians, alternative health care workers, change-makers and spiritual people; making Hugh's vision of Changing the World while having as much fun as possible a reality.



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