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Why Twitter is amazing

on Fri, 04/05/2013 - 21:36

This was originally a guest blog post for Doina's Infinite Solutions posted on Feb 16, 2013:

I met Mimi in person during #Word11 blogging festival back in 2011. We kept in touch online and offline ever since. She is a financial advisor to anyone who needs help around budgeting and managing their finances. I was always impressed by her activity online and how she engages the audiece in addition to the information that she shares with her followers, me being one of them. Here is what she had to share with you: 
I have been using Twitter since the beginning of 2009. I already had a personal profile on Facebook and I set up a Facebook page for my business shortly after but never seemed to be able to figure out an effective way to promote it outside my own contacts. With Twitter however, I find that the more I use it, the more I love it and the better results I get.
Here are a few things I found useful on Twitter based on my experience:
Truly public
Tweets are truly public. A keyword search can be done, with or without  hashtags, vs Facebook where you can only "invite" your own friends to "like" your Facebook page; or friends of your friends will only see your page when your friends "like" it. Twitter is different in a sense that you are free to communicate with anyone without an invitation to connect but an introduction by self or through others will work perfectly. 
Truly interactive
Anyone can start a conversation with any other user by adding their twitter handle to the dialogue. This conversation can easily be viewed by others on this platform even if they are not following each other . On Facebook, even if you can "tag" others (note: "if you can", as it is relatively hard to be able to find the right user or page when you try to "tag" it), most don't seem to respond. Twitter is better in a sense that there is more interaction taking place at any time with anyone. 
Truly promotional
If you are only attaching one link in your tweet, why would you want to promote a Facebook page but not your own website?! Twitter is best used when sharing articles and blog posts. This is an opportunity to promote yourself and your business so that others will know what you do. It is also a good idea to promote others, especially if they are doing work that compliment your business.  In turn they will promote you. A great way to collaborate with others. 
Truly SEO friendly
Although Google doesn't search hashtaged words on their engine, we can still see tweets come up when we perform a search on this platform, especially if you add links to your tweets. Whereas I have never seen any Facebook status update as a search result.
Truly Consistent
I am particularly frustrated with the inconsistency of Facebook's site, mobile site and the Facebook Blackberry app. Never do I get the same news feed under the 3 interfaces, even if I check all three at the same time. Twitter, on the other hand, I find it to be always the same no matter where I access it from. 
Here are some examples of why I found that twitter is SO AMAZING:
- tips sharing
- calling for help
- information sharing
- or even just casual chit chat
My twitter activity actually got me a t-shirt and $100 Twitter's ad from American Express!!
Share with us if you have any ways to effectively promote your facebook page out of your circle!!
A little background about the writer:
Mimi Lee started her online presence in 1997 when she was bearing her child. She started with a bit of BBS and PowWow, ICQ (1634305), YouTube (missmimiclee), Flickr (RocketMimi) and then Twitter (@trufinancial), Facebook (trufinancial), GoogleWave, Skype ( & Google+, published 4 internet related pocketbooks between the years of 1997-1998. Avoiding to spread herself too thin, Mimi doesn't bother to be on "as many social networks as possible", instead she tries to maintain quality content across all of her already existing online presence.

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